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Looking for a barcode scanner in Sydney? You’ve come to the right place!

Learn all about barcode scanners here – videos, articles reviews and more, designed to educate you into making a wise investment for your business.

So enjoy the site, and I hope you find it helpful in answering your questions about barcode scanners!

Barcode Scanner Help from Track n Trace

If you’re looking for a world leader in barcode scanners, look no further than Track N Trace.

Track n Trace provide solid barcode scanner solutions including cordless barcode scanners and PDA barcode scanners right across Australia.

Some of their most notable clients include AirRoad Logistics, Billabong and Lost Events amongst many others.

Whether your need is for barcode scanner solutions in stock-taking, asset tracking & asset management, warehouse management, or even document tracking & document management, you’re sure to find a portable barcode scanner solution that fits your unique needs.

Australian businesses can take advantage of Track N Trace’s vast array of barcode scanner solutions, including:

Based out of Sydney, Track N Trace have helped countless clients solve their biggest barcode scanner issues, Australia wide.

If you’ve become used to high-pressure sales people, you’re sure to find their service friendly, non-threatening, and refreshing!

Barcode Scanner App for Android

It’s amazing how far barcode scanner technology has come. Many phones on the market today have the ability to become handheld  mobile scanning devices, using built-in or free software.

Here’s one running on an HTC Desire HD. Apologies in advance that the brightness of the screen wasn’t captured too well on my Flip Ultra HD – makes it a little hard to see the buttons icon cool Barcode Scanner App for Android

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Barcode Scanner

Choosing the right barcode scanner can be tricky at best. We’ve created this short clip to build awareness of the other videos which will soon be on our site – designed to educate business owners so they don’t waste their hard-earned money!

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Barcode Scanner in Sydney – Only Pay For What You Need

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some product-specific reviews of barcode scanners, barcode scanner software and more.

These will help you make an informed decision, and ensure you only pay for the features that are necessary for your business.

So before you go and invest $$$ in a barcode scanner solution, be sure to watch this space… alternatively you may wish to discuss your needs with the team at  where you’ll get answers to your questions without the typical “sales pressure” you’ll find elsewhere.

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Barcode scanner HD video

We’ve just created a high-def promo video for the site & launched it into the blogosphere! Check it out here:

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If your looking for more barcode scanner information, be sure to check out Track n Trace Solutions and talk with their friendly, no-pressure team.

Track n Trace – Sydney & Australia’s leading Barcode Scanner Company

If you’re in the market for a barcode scanner for your business, chances are you’ve come across Track n Trace Solutions – They’ve been helping Aussie business owners improve their efficiencies since 2010 and carry a broad range of barcode scanner products – catering for all budgets. And just as importantly, their customer support is timely and professional too!

You can visit Track n Trace at – there you’ll be able to freely browse their complete product range at your leisure.

Beyond their range and pricing, what you’ll find is the team at Track n Trace are committed to help solve the challenges you’re facing in your business – testimonials like this one are common-place:

AirRoad Logistics Save 66% in Labour Costs!
 “Would like to give you some feedback on the how the use of the scanners has improved the accuracy and reduced the downtime whilst performing a Stocktake. As you know AirRoad Logistics is a 3PL warehouse provider.
The Stocktake performed last year for one customer took 12 hours with 15 people Involved Nationally. This year the Stocktake count was completed in 3 hours nationally. With an additional hour for reconciliation. A saving of 8 hours x 15 people. (66% Savings in Labour Costs)
The programming loaded into the scanners ensured that we were able to ensure the user was collecting the right information thus reducing human error.
We also found the service you offered met and exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for your continued support”
AirRoad Logistics Pty Ltd
Jim & Jane Save Reduce labour costs by 75%
“We normally take 2 days with 6 staff members (16hrs x 6 staff =96hrs).
With your scanners, it took 8 hours, 3 staff members (8hrs x 3 staff = 24hrs). We also didn’t need to lose 2 days trading.
Thanks so much Track n Trace, we will be referring your equipment and company. We will also be using your business next time.
And thank you again , it’s nice to get a product that does what it’s meant to do.”
Kellie –
Jim & Jane

So if you’re still doing your homework, be sure to check out Track n Trace as part of your research.

Sydney Barcode Scanner – make an informed decision!

Here’s another video created to promote the site – we’re slowly building content on the site to help Australian business owners make an informed choice when buying their barcode scanners!

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iPhone Barcode Scanner?

This is pretty cool – barcode scanning on the move icon smile iPhone Barcode Scanner?

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